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  • About Breas

    Breas Medical AB was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1991 and has continued to expand during two decades. Our product development programme is focused on home care ventilation and sleep therapy products for the individual patient. Products are sold worldwide through a network of highly trained distributors.

    Our Company Philosophy

    Breas’ mission is to be at the Heart of Breathing by producing robust and innovative products that care for the lung, in order to improve outcomes and quality of life of the individual patient.

    Our vision is to be a market leader in the home care ventilation and sleep therapy markets by providing quality and innovative products and solutions.

    We continue to be quality driven across all disciplines. We will always aim to be known as an efficient, flexible and caring manufacturer, supplying products and services, which offer improved care and efficiencies to our customer. This position reflects a company with a clear business philosophy where commercial objectives and results are inextricably linked to the individual patient and their needs.