Breas iSleep CPAP

iSleep 20+ with eAdapt

Help patients breathe easier with iSleep 20+, Breas’ advanced high-performance, sophisticated CPAP designed for easy use at home. Thanks to advanced eAdapt technology, patient comfort is enhanced significantly. In the conventional CPAP mode, especially at higher pressure levels, some patients struggle to breathe against the pressure level. By adapting the expiratory pressure to the patient’s inspiratory effort, eAdapt helps to reduce the work of breathing, and enhances breathing comfort for patients.

Other highlights of iSleep 20+

  • Built-in, continuous analysis of therapy to help clinicians quickly decide if the prescribed pressure setting results in optimum patient care
  • Integrated heated humidifier with adjustable upper airway humidification for increased compliance
  • Hose that connects in the rear of the unit, offering easy positioning through built-in swivel. When not in use, hose can either be easily disconnected or stored behind the unit
  • Versatile design that accommodates a wide range of masks
  • Home mode settings that can only be changed by clinician, as well as settings that allow users to choose personal preference
  • Improved visibility of the “snooze” function, to help reduce disturbance of the bed partner when mask is removed during treatment. Snooze function allows the patient to pause the treatment.
  • Lightweight design and power adapter for added portability; unit can even be powered from a car or recreational vehicle when enjoying an active everyday life

Sleep 20+ brings you:

  • eAdapt for improved patient comfort
  • Designed for home
  • Small footprint, even when integrated humidifier is attached
  • Enhanced user interface, easy to use with large buttons
  • Large, backlit graphical display with built-in alarm clock
  • Designed for travel; world wide mains power compatibility and DC power options
  • Rear hose swivel connection
  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of masks
  • Power failure restart function
  • Low noise
  • “Snooze” function
  • Detailed patient log
  • Memory card capability
  • Integrated AHI and leakage calculation
  • Enhanced pressure stability
  • SpO2 monitoring possibility


Device mode: Clinical, Home

CPAP: 4 to 20 cmH2O

Integrated Humidifier: 1 to 9

Maximum flow in CPAP mode:

  • at 1/3 of max pressure: 108 litres/min
  • at 2/3 of max pressure: 132 litres/min
  • at max pressure: 132 litres/min

Maximum limited pressure during single fault condition: 30 cmH2O
Breathing resistance under single fault condition:

  • 0.9 cmH2O at 30 litres/min
  • 3.2 cmH2O at 60 litres/min


  • Pressure relief during exhalation Of, 1 to 5 levels limited to 4 cmH2O below set CPAP pressure
  • Digital output Yes (0 to 5 V)
  • Sound level at 10 cmH2O Less than 30 dB(A)


Internal function failure: Message on the display + audible
Power failure indication: Audible


W x H x D: 173 x 172 x 209 mm (without humidifier HA 20)
Weight: 2.0 kg
Air outlet: 22 mm conical standard connector

Power Supplies

Mains supply: 100 to 240 V AC
External DC supply: 24 V DC, 12V adapter available

Operating Conditions

Recommended mask leakage: 20 to 40 litres/min at 10 cmH2O
Minimum mask leakage: 12 litres/min at 4 cmH2O